Digital Edition on the iPad

Digital Edition on the iPad


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you still be publishing the Print edition?
YES! We LOVE print! But we've been wanting to go digital since... well, forever I think! A magazine about film just screams for a digital format. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

Can I subscribe to a Digital Edition?
No, not at this time. Just keep coming back every couple of months and pick up the newest one for free. Or if you have a tablet, or compatible device, download the Video Watchdog App and ask for the Push notifications. The newest edition will magically appear in the Magazine area of the device and you can just click to download it. Do this while the current edition is still free and you never have to pay for issues. That's better than a subscription, isn't it?

What about Android? Kindle? Nook?
You betcha! We want that too! Stay tuned to the website for further info on how this is coming along. We didn't want to jump in unless there was a possibility of that happening, and there is!!! :-)

Are you crazy? How can you give this away for FREE?
OK, here's the deal. Once an issue becomes a Back Issue, it will cost $3.99. So if you don't get it when it's free, it will cost you something.

Here's our reasoning. We know that people are not used to paying for the delivery of content on the internet or tablets. People like FREE. Consumers will hesitate to download something if they have to pay for it. I'm a consumer, and I don't want to have to pay for the delivery system. But I sure don't mind paying directly with a click for an item I want within the delivery system! And if it's fun and entertaining along the way, that's even better!

With the digital version we can offer extra content, unlimited pages, and we can bring you closer to the items you want in an entertaining way. The companies who advertise with us want to reach you directly and can do it by actually showing you what they have with trailers, audio, video, and slideshows. With people you want to buy from already being on board as advertisers for a much reduced advertising rate, we can put you in direct contact with the companies who offer the products you wish to buy. Why head off to search for things on Amazon if you can click through and buy directly from the company?

So with advertising support, we can bring you the issue for free, you get to spend your money on DVDs, CDs, and other items, and the advertiser can actually measure how successful their product placement is. And it's all fun!
The usual business models for digital magazines make the consumer pay for each new issue, and then offer a nominal price on back issues. Some do away with print altogether. But that's backwards to me. Take away the "pay" stumbling block. Reach as many people as you can via digital. Get the word out. Create a digital community where we can get digital feedback from readers and share it everywhere. That's how we think.
And keep the print subscribers FIRST. Digital comes out about the time the issue hits the newsstands and the subscribers have it in their hands already.

What about Back Issues?
Yep! Stay tuned!!!

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