Digital Edition on the iPad

Digital Edition on the iPad

Friday, May 16, 2014

Alive on Kindle!

Live on Amazon!


Last weekend the Video Watchdog app appeared in the Kindle App Store. Issue 175 and the Bava Book Sample are both available Free. You can purchase the entire digital Bava book for $29.99 and read/play it on your Kindle Fire.

Please help test it! 

We've been testing the app on Kindle Fire 1st and 2nd generation devices, and we've experienced a few minor problems. We are addressing them and an update will be available when everything is fixed, but we would appreciate any feedback from you and your experience so we can make sure the app is functioning over all the Kindle Fire devices.

Fixes underway:
  • Video: Click 3 times to play a video (instead of once): 1-click the Play icon, 2-click the black video box to display the Play control, 3-click Play.
  • Rotation stuck: Once a video enlarges to full screen, the device rotates to landscape and will not go back to portrait until you reboot your Kindle. Grrrr....
  • Forgets where you were: When you leave a page and go back to another program, the app doesn't remember where you were and starts back at the beginning. You can place a bookmark on your page to go back to it quickly in the interim.

We realize this can be frustrating, and we are working to solve these issues as soon as we can.

Get it now while 175 is free! 

But we wanted to announce this so you can still get the FREE issue while it is still free! Issue 176 will be up shortly, and then issue 175 will cost $3.99, so please get it free now, and let us know how it plays on your device by adding a comment below.

Since some Kindle Fires have a small amount of storage space, the embedded videos are streamed instead of downloaded. You can choose to download the videos individually by clicking on the video icon (looks like a floppy disk) when a video plays. Everything else is stored on the Kindle (pictures, sounds). Delete it anytime, and retrieve it from the cloud anytime. It's yours once you've 'purchased' it for free.

Please remember this app is for Kindle Fire devices only. It will not work on Kindle eReaders or Paperwhites because of the interactive content available. (At least, that's what we're told. I'm curious to know if someone can download it onto an eReader, but just not have access to the interactive content?)

Thanks for testing for us, and please let us know how it works for you!

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