Digital Edition on the iPad

Digital Edition on the iPad

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Taste of Things to Come

Video Watchdog #2 - Free Look!
 Login: digitaldog  Password: treats
Login: digitaldog
Password: treats

Available thru Sunday, November 9

Our Testing Team has been putting the Digital Editions through very detailed and heavy-duty testing for almost a week now, and I am extremely pleased with the feedback and suggestions for improvements they have come up with for this Archive! We can't wait to see what you think too!

Your Turn!

Throughout this month I'll be posting different editions for you to try out. VW #2 is one of my favorites. As a designer, it is dear to my heart. It was the first time I got the printer to superimpose the text "Blood & Donuts" over a picture (way back in the paste-up days), it was printed on real paper (not cover stock like the first one), and I got some very good magazine design advice from my mentor and logo designer, Radomir Perica. We reprinted this one from the original plates, but with black and white covers. So if you have one with a purple tint on the cover, you have the first printing.

This is a David Lynch issue, and he is bringing back TWIN PEAKS, so let's celebrate by looking back at the series, way back in Fall of 1990.

PCs - Click, Login and Have Fun!

If you're on a computer, just click on the cover above, login with 'digitaldog' and the password 'treats'. We'll keep the login name and password the same throughout this month, but this issue will only be available through Sunday, November 9. Check back here for another issue.

For Tablet or Phone Users

To see this on your device, download the Video Watchdog app from the various app stores, and once you are in, tap on Editions at the bottom of the screen and log in with 'digitaldog' and 'treats' for the password. The issues will show up on your device all month, but they'll also disappear when the time period expires.

If you already have the Video Watchdog app and have logged in with a different username/password combo from our website, your previous purchases may disappear for a short while when logged in with this username and password, but you'll get them back again when you re-enter your usual credentials. Don't worry!

For more information about getting the apps, check out the instructions above in the FAQ area.

Please Leave a Comment

Help us to test! If you find any problem with the issue, we want to know. Of course, we'd also love to hear how you like it! Let us know in a comment below.

I hope you'll pass the word along and tell a friend to stop by. Free treats all month! 

Have a great weekend! More fun is coming!



  1. Just tried to use the logon on an iPad in the VWD app. Don't see #2 available.

  2. Went to Categories and found it under 001-009!

    1. It will probably be under ALL also. Hope you like it on the iPad. We think it works best there.

  3. Wonderful job Donna! And a happy birthday to you also!!

    1. Thank you! Take your time and see how the reading experience is on whatever device you're seeing it on. We're open to suggestions.

  4. I've loaded the issue onto both my iPad Mini and Kindle Fire (also a 7" model). Both are nicely readable, with a nod to the iPad for slightly greater clarity.

    An odd quirk (in my experience, anyway) with the Kindle Fire experience concerns the embedded video - besides the odd three-taps Android makes you take to access each clip, we already knew about that with issue 175's digital edition.

    When I tap the full screen key in the lower right corner of the video window, the app switches to a landscape orientation from the portrait I was using to read each page. At that point, the Kindle app remains stuck in landscape mode, and nothing I've tried to jolly it back to portrait has worked, save rebooting the Kindle. I tried this with the Evil Dead trailer on p. 57 and the Hell-Bent for Election short on p. 7.

    Well, there was very little doubt in my mind that I would be relying on the iPad for digital Watchdog, anyway. As others have said, this is really wonderful work, and I *still* love the embedded video. It's kind of shocking and sad how relevant the imagery in Hell-Bent for Election remains today.

    1. Thanks for testing on both of your devices! The bug on the Kindle Fire has just been fixed yesterday. A new version of the app is available on Google Play for Android devices, but I don't see it on Amazon yet for Kindle. If you decide to use your Kindle in the future, be sure to delete your old version first before downloading the updated one.

    2. Dang, Donna, you rock, and you rock SWIFTLY!