Digital Edition on the iPad

Digital Edition on the iPad

Monday, November 10, 2014

What a Surprise!

Another treat for you...
The first ALL COLOR issue!
October 2003

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The Secret

Our 100th issue was a special occasion, and we wanted to do something really amazing. We asked our Kennel members to contribute 10 short reviews so we could have 100 reviews for our 100th. We asked Charlie Largent to give our cover a new look. And then we kept the most surprising thing a secret: Color!

It was always tantalizing for me to see the images in color as I placed them on the page, and it was always disappointing for me to see them turn into black and white on paper. It was time to publish in color. Only Tim, John Charles (VW's Associate Editor), our printer and myself knew of this plan. We wanted it to be a big surprise.

Believe me, it was a struggle with old CRT monitors in RGB colors to match the CMYK colors on the press. And we had one company print the negatives while our printer did the printing. Having color profiles bounce between my computer, Harlan Type and Crest-Graphics took some adjustment.

OMG... I was in LOVE!

Finally it was done. We crossed our fingers. We couldn't wait to see the proofs. We went over to Harlan Type and saw the pages rolling off a wide printer on large sheets of shiny paper. I fell in love! I couldn't stop staring at each page. It was so magical!

Finally, Publication Day Came 

Gary Hill, our rep from Crest-Graphics, presented us with the first issues in person.
Gary Hill

This issue also had our first and only fold-outs in the front and back of the magazine. 
If you click on the Flash version of this issue above, you can actually see 
the inside covers fold-out like the real thing!

Then Gary gave us a wonderful card signed by all our friends at Crest-Graphics, 
and a bottle of 1995 Cuvée Dom Pérignon Champagne!

No time to celebrate... we had an issue to get out! 

My mom, Ellie Goldschmidt, helped to stuff those famous coupons 
into each issue, and I went on with shipping duties. Celebrating came later that night. 

We had a party on the floor...

...opened up the champagne, and toasted to the future!

Ahh... great memories! I slept with that issue under my pillow that night.

Now it's time for you to get started reading. You only have until Wednesday to finish!

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We are still in the testing phase all month. If you should find any problems, please let us know in a comment below. And let us know how you like it too!

Thanks for stopping by. :-)


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