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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Remembering Michael Lennick

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Michael Lennick
1952 - 2014

On November 7 our dear friend and VW contributor, Michael Lennick, passed away suddenly from aggressive brain cancer.

We met on the set of David Cronenberg's Videodrome in 1981 where Tim had been sent by Cinefantastique to write a feature about the film, and I tagged along to take pictures. Michael was on the crew shooting video playbacks. He and Tim bonded like brothers. 

Michael had a keen interest in all things Science Fiction, and took a particular interest in the space program. He contributed to several of our issues, including issue #1's "Lasers on Stun" article. He was looking forward to the digital editions appearing, and filmed this testimonial for us for our Kickstarter/Indiegogo project.

We last spoke this summer when he called to ask advice about crowd-funding for his planned documentary "The Children of Pearl Harbor." The project successfully launched but had to be pulled when he went into the hospital a few weeks ago.

Michael was a talented and kind soul, with a quiet nature and more ideas than he knew what to do with. We miss him dearly. Tim wrote a wonderful tribute to him on Video WatchBlog

I would also like to honor his memory by sharing some of his articles he wrote for Video Watchdog here with you over the next several days. 

Although Michael loved print and had every issue of the magazine, he thought the digital editions were going to be really exciting. He was really looking forward to seeing his work in this new format and sharing it with the world.


May the force be with you, Mikey.

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