Digital Edition on the iPad

Digital Edition on the iPad

Monday, November 24, 2014

Treats for Black Friday

For your reading pleasure through Black Friday!
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David Lynch, Mario Bava, Barbara Steele
What a triple-header!

3 of our Favorites!

We love the cover stories, but... here's the real reason we've chosen to preview these three issues. They contain parts 1-3 of "The Trouble with Titian," where "Tim Lucas recovers Francis Ford Coppola's lost thriller OPERATION: TITIAN and begins the never-before-told story of how Roger Corman turned it into 5 movies! Includes an exclusive interview with William Campbell!”

You can read all 3 parts now. (Issue 7 has been sold out for years!)

Issue 4 sold out early on, too--since it was a David Lynch issue in the TWIN PEAKS days. We reprinted it with black and white covers so collectors could tell the difference between the original (a blue tint on the front and back) and the reprint. We sacrificed an original copy to the paper cutter so we could bring the digital version to you unaltered. 

Issue 5 was our first big Bava issue, and if any of you have Mario Bava--All the Colors of the Dark you may recognize some of the photos that originated here. Might be fun to compare this to the book and see what changed. :-)

Issue 7 is devoted to Barbara Steele, the iconic star of BLACK SUNDAY. This issue sold out years ago and was never reprinted. Unless you were able to get an original copy, you've been unable to finish reading the 3rd part of the Titian article. So here you go!

In other news... not to bury the headline

The Digital Archive is complete!

Yes, we've digitized all 174 back issues and the 2 Special Editions, and they will be published and on sale in December for $549. Individual issues will be $3.99.

It's on sale for a few more days at a discounted price now through the end of November as a pre-order.

We are so excited to see this project about to go live! Hope you are enjoying the previews of what's to come too!

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