Digital Edition on the iPad

Digital Edition on the iPad

Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Reading!

Kubrick, Harryhausen, Star Trek Generations & Starship Troopers!

Available for viewing only until Monday night... 
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 VW 051         VW 047

We hope you enjoy these 3 treats for the weekend! 

These are the last 3 issues with major features by our friend Michael Lennick. The Harryhausen piece was written by our own Charlie Largent, who also designed the cover image for this issue. 

If you see anything we can improve, please let us know by leaving a comment below. 

For those of you on tablets and phones, these issues should appear and disappear automatically from your devices. There's been a bit of a 'bug' when an issue disappears, saying you need to resubscribe to see it again. But that's just a generic message we can't get around undoing. Please ignore it!

More to come in the final weeks ahead as we zero in on December and get to actually release these to the world!

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