Digital Edition on the iPad

Digital Edition on the iPad

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New! Issue 176 is out!

VW 176 Spring 2014  -  Free!


Video Watchdog 176 is now available digitally on all platforms!

The issue has been finished for a while, but the website and apps both needed revamping in order to bring this issue out. It's been a struggle to say the least, but I hope the results are going to work on all devices as planned.

This digital edition, like all new ones, has been released with and without DRM (Digital Rights Management). The issue without DRM will eventually disappear from the website. It's there to allow quick and easy access for casual readers; those who are curious about the content and just want to see how it works.

The "Keepers" are exactly the same content-wise but a login ID is required. It also allows saving to your computer or laptop.

If you have a tablet or phone, the Video Watchdog App can be downloaded from the App store on your device, and you'll see the issue inside the App. Tap to download. On Android and Kindle we've introduced a sign-in procedure so that you can get the issue free forever on all devices. Just tap and it will show you how to unlock it.

If anyone experiences trouble logging in, please let me know. We are in the midst of having a password-changing program written which will help with forgotten passwords, but for now, I'm your go-to person. :-) Just contact me with link to the right.

More soon! Once I make sure this one goes smoothly, I'll be releasing more. They'll all be free for a while, so get them now while unlocking is free.

Please let me know of any improvements I can make by leaving a comment below, OK?

Our contest is still on for winning a copy of issue #1. You have a few more days to enter!

Enjoy this one. I'll make more.

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