Digital Edition on the iPad

Digital Edition on the iPad

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Password Change-o

A new Password Reset program is now available for you to use if you are having trouble remembering your Digital Editions password. Here's the link. It's also on the Support Tab.

I've been working working working to try to make the login experience easier for you and I hope this helps.

When I first assigned login IDs to all of the supporters of our Indiegogo project, we didn't have the proper login procedures in place. (I was too excited to share I guess!) So some of you may have 2 login IDs: one for your Indiegogo Perks, and one from creating a new ID to get issue 175 or 176 or anything else you may have ordered from the website. 


I am in the process of combining the IDs into one for most cases and the Password Reset link might be helpful. Please contact me if you need any help whatsoever, OK?

Enjoy these last few days of accessing the Digital Archive with login ID: 'digitaldog' and the password of 'treats' ! It ends on Tuesday June 30!

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