Digital Edition on the iPad

Digital Edition on the iPad

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Digital Editions & Jess Franco...
...on Rod Barnett's

Last weekend at the great Wonderfest convention in Louisville, Kentucky, our good friend Rod Barnett invited Tim to join him on his great Bloody Pit of Rod podcast and talk about Jess Franco for as long as he wanted. Can you imagine? And then he invited me! 
My first podcast! Who knew I would have so much to say about Video Watchdog and the Digital Editions? Just get me started, and it's hard to stop me. You know the feeling, right? Have you ever talked with Tim about movies? Then you know.

Hey, come join us! Rod's put in a cool Monkees song and a couple of clips you'll enjoy. Plus, there's a coupon code too!

Wheeee!! Being digital is fun!!  


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